Grassroots Copywriting

Sharp, modern copywriting for web and print. Based in Pembrokeshire, we craft quality content for clients across the UK.


Q: What can a copywriter do for me?

A: Say ‘copywriter’ and most people think advertising. And yes, we can help with ads, but there’s lots more than a professional copywriting service can offer. Think about hiring a writer for email updates, website content, case studies, white papers, reports, ebooks, blogging and press releases.


Q: Why do I need a writer – I can write?

A: You could do it yourself. Or ask a colleague. Or, maybe get your cousin to write copy for you.

But potential customers judge a business or organisation on its web content and on printed brochures and fliers. Stilted writing, jargon, poor grammar or bad spelling will hurt your reputation.


Q: What we do is very complicated – how can an outsider ‘get’ what we’re about?

A: Input from an independent professional can be invaluable. We can take a completely fresh look at what you do and see it for what it is. The people most closely involved in a business live with it all the time and can’t see what it is about what they do that’s unique.


Q: What will it cost?

A: Every project is different. We don’t charge by the word or the hour because it doesn’t work for either side.

What works best is that we give you a detailed estimate for specific outputs based on our rate structure.  We’ll do that after we’ve talked to you about what it is you’re hoping to achieve. Contact us for a rate card.



Find us

Grassroots HQ is at:

Gorlan, Abercych, Boncath, Pembrokeshire SA37 0EZ

Landline: 01239 682103, Mobile 07956 944917