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We all hate business BS, right?

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So why do we still spout crap? It’s mystifying, but corporate BS seems to have a life of its own. Does anybody, anywhere, enjoy hearing, or reading, the likes of ‘cascading up’, ‘paradigm shifbullt’, ‘skillset’? Sadly, it seems unstoppable.

We’re all to blame, apparently. The sociologist Professor Laurie Taylor says we “collude” with nonsense-speak because we know our jobs depend upon letting it pass unchallenged. Why that has happened, and continues to happen, is an interesting question.

Take a listen to BBC Radio 4’s Talking Aloud to hear Taylor and guests explore why what he calls “obfuscating terminology” (too polite for ‘bullshit’…) cannot be stopped. They argue that the management theory industry is at the root of the problem, creating a pseudoscience that demands that simple ideas are made to sound complicated.






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